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AlemHealth is a hardware and software solution connecting medical centers in emerging markets to a global network.

"Co-founded by a guy who knows how to engineer solutions that work exceptionally well in developing countries (Sajjad) and a guy that has always found a way to make things work in places where nothing else does (Aschkan).”

Founder Aschkan Abdul-Malek was previously a healthcare investment banker and a management consultant. Beyond his evident domain experience, he also has significant experience running businesses and teams in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Largely bootstrapped with just a few minor angel investments secured, AlemHealth arrived at the AIA 2.0 Accelerator with initial clients onboard. However, they were looking to build credibility with multinational conglomerates, manufacturers, telcos, and hospital groups that could help them with funding, secure their role in new markets and support their product, and infrastructure needs.

In addition to Nest funding, they follow a methodological approach to determine which new markets to approach and to prioritise, where to run pilots and to set KPIs. AIA helped AlemHealth to foster new market intros and opened a lot of doors for exploring customer acquisition / B2B models.




Founder & CEO Aschkan Abdul-Malek



2014: Incorporated in Singapore
2014: Launch in Afghanistan
2016: Completed AIA Accelerator 2.0 Powered by Nest
2016: Nest Seed Stage Investment
2016Accepted into YCombinator
2016Expansion to Nigeria

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