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Co-Founder, Nest Global

Simon is a prominent member of the Hong Kong startup ecosystem and one of Asia’s leading public speakers in entrepreneurship, business and innovation.

Simon has strong startup credentials and a broad experience as an entrepreneur. He started his first company at 15 in Cambridge, U.K., where he grew up, and has been creating and growing original businesses ever since. He has personally started 12 companies over the last 25 years and as an angel investor has backed more than 35 startups from around the world. Prior to working at Nest he was the co-founder and CEO of creative agency Fluid based in Hong Kong and in 2016 he sold it to PricewaterhouseCoopers.

In 2010 Simon founded Nest. His personal vision was to build a series of platforms to help other entrepreneurs in areas such as funding, resources, marketing and network. He took inspiration from his own needs over the last two and half decades.

Simon is also credited with helping Hong Kong become a hub for startups and was responsible for building the city’s first private incubator. He also helped launch Asia's first series of accelerators in partnership with leading brands and played a big part in expanding the Nest brand to new markets such as London, Paris, New York, Los Angeles, Bangkok, Singapore and Nairobi.

In March 2016 he co-founded Mettā, a unique platform to help connect entrepreneurs, investors, educators and mentors come together and drive innovation and business.

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