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Bonnie Wong

Membership and Community Manager, Mettā, Hong Kong

Bonnie is the lead on Membership and Community for Metta, Hong Kong.


Bonnie is an individual strongly passionate about serving communities and advancing humanity. Considered a global citizen she was born in Hong Kong and moved to Botswana at the age of six months; from there on she has moved to Morocco, Bangladesh, Egypt, New Jersey and now back to her roots to explore more opportunities.


Bonnie earned her Master’s Degree at Rutgers University in Social Work Management. She has over 10 years of experience working with various local to global NGOs, serving as a volunteer, committee member to co-founder of a project in Beijing, China funded by Clinton Global Initiative. Within the NGO sector she specialised in fundraising and event management.


Bonnie is always looking forward to learning and connecting with like-minded individuals who enjoy exploring through creative business solutions to address both local and global challenges.

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