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Chandni Motwani

Head of Product, Mettā, Hong Kong

Chandni is Head of Product at Mettā and is responsible for growing our online platforms. She is passionate about turning ideas into reality. Chandni uses her expertise in design thinking to empower teams to innovate.

She joined the Metta team with over 10 years of experience in technology and business development. Prior to Nest she worked on product consumer strategy for the Google Docs team in Mountain View, California. Chandni also worked as renewable energy consultant for 6 years at Booz Allen Hamilton, where she worked with corporates and government agencies to identify optimal energy solutions. Chandni has a strong background in social enterprise and startup development. She co-founded a social enterprise incubator, called Hatch International, in Washington, DC. Where she led the product development of small scale technologies for the poor and designed business models for multiple enterprises under the Hatch umbrella.

Chandni loves to connect with inspired people who, like her, believe in life long learning. She is passionate about wellness and teaches/practices yoga, dance and nutritional therapy.

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