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Kalil Hasan

Operations Manager, Bahrain

Khalil is an independent, self-motivated individual, his eagerness to learn and develop is driven by his purpose to contribute in making this world and his country a better place.

Khalil appreciates the idea of helping and giving back to others and that led him before joining Nest to work for 5 years with a global youth development organisation called AIESEC. he climbed the ladder from being a junior volunteer to a manager in several departments in Talents Management, Events Management and Global Students Exchange Program where it reflects the mission of developing leadership in youth in Bahrain and around the world, at his last 2 year in the organisation he became the Director of Finance & Administration, that experience helped him in practicing his expertise and become more self-aware.

With Nest Bahrain, Khalil is responsible on the Finance, Accounting, Administration including the logistical support in running the Corporate Accelerator Programs. With such opportunity Khalil is proud and passionate about his contribution in making the Bahraini Ecosystem one of the leading ecosystems in the region.

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