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AlemHealth bridges borders to make world class healthcare local.

In emerging markets, the number of available physicians, radiologists and medical service providers relative to the population size is widely unbalanced. These markets can't train enough medical specialists to address the needs of their population or spend billions on medical tourism annually. AlemHealth's hardware and software solution instantly connects medical centers across frontier markets to a global network of diagnostic imaging, pathology, and specialist services, democratising access to healthcare. AlemHealth uses machine learning to build algorithms to identify and diagnose certain conditions such as diabetic retinopathy.

Nest participated in AlemHealth's seed round following Nest and AIA's HealthTech Accelerator in February 2016. The company has since successfully expanded to Nigeria and is now exploring opportunities for growth across Southeast Asia. AlemHealth has been able to leverage Nest's relationships across Asia and Africa, as well as investors, hospital groups and insurance companies across the region.


Connecting doctors and hospitals around the world to give local patients the best healthcare services.



CEO & Founder Aschkan Abdul Malek
CTO & Co-Founder Sajjad Kamal

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