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Apvera is making cyber security simple.

Given the ever-increasing scope of targeted cyber-attacks on businesses, organisations and governments, signature-based methods of threat detection are no longer acceptable. Apvera has created an advanced threat protection service, transforming the security industry with the application of user and entity behaviour analytics.

The Apvera Insight 360 platform is a self-learning, multi-dimensional behavioural analytics platform that examines all users, applications, endpoints and network activities. It provides a comprehensive 360-degree view of an organisation’s internal and external security posture. By automating risks management and compliance programs, financial services firms are able to improve their cyber-resilience and protect intellectual property, sensitive client data and business-critical infrastructure as well as satisfy regulatory compliance. Apvera’s platform is exceedingly adaptable and can be tailored to the needs of almost any industry in the world, allowing them to service companies ranging from SMEs to multinational corporations.


Nest participated in Apvera’s seed round after meeting Eric Meyer, Apvera’s CEO and founder through the DBS FinTech Accelerator in Hong Kong. Since then, Apvera has continued to gain traction and scale in Singapore and Hong Kong.


Helping organisations predict and prevent cyber attacks.



CEO & Founder Eric Meyer
CTO Vipul Kumar

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