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Creditable helps employers enable financial wellness and inclusion for their employees.

According to the Society for Human Resource Management*, 83% of employees surveyed say that personal financial challenges have impacted their overall employee performance. And in high working class and underbanked populations, this situation is exacerbated.

Based in South Africa, Creditable targets the local African market in addition to the ASEAN region. Creditable’s easily deployable SaaS solution empowers corporations to provide financial products and services to their employees. The company’s core product offerings include saving plans, loans, and bill payment options, to help alleviate financial challenges that exist outside of the workplace. Creditable addresses an acute problem in Africa, where there is a demand for individual savings and loan products, but there are limited providers. At the same time, much of the population also doesn’t have an existing relationship with a bank. A solution that can be integrated within existing payroll software makes it possible for corporates to provide financial services to their staff while minimising repayment risk.

In 2015, Sechaba Ngwenya, founder and CEO of Creditable, applied to the DBS Accelerator in Hong Kong, and was one of two African startups who worked alongside Nest and DBS. Following the conclusion of the programme, Nest proceeded to invest in the company. Since then, Creditable has developed a number of strategic partnerships with key banking institutions and corporates in South Africa and abroad.

2014 Financial Wellness in the Workplace, SHRM.

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Creditable helps employers provide financial products and services to their employees, raising financial wellness and inclusion.



Founder & CEO Sechaba Ngwenya

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