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Playto is harnessing the power of play by building progressive educational technology.

Founded by entrepreneurs and mums, Vernee Ho and Ann Bridgewater, Playto is a Hong Kong-based startup that creates digital platforms to train and improve fundamental skills such as concentration, memory, organisation and mindfulness.

Playto's first game, GlowMaster, is designed for 7-13 year-olds and requires users to wear a MindWave neurofeedback headset that monitors their brainwaves while they play. The video-style game features challenges that can only be conquered through the art of concentration and when completed, the child is granted access to the next level - which will require even further focus.

Vernee and Ann first started exploring games to improve their own attention span but quickly discovered that this technology and engagement could also tremendously benefit their children. Using the principles of neurofeedback therapy combined with advanced gameplay design, they brought together hardware and software designers, cognitive behavioural therapists and of course, fellow parents, to develop games that would help train and focus the human brain. By harnessing the power of play, Playto is able to significantly improve the lives of children with learning and concentration issues.

Playto was one of Nest's early angel investments. After meeting Vernee and Ann at an impressive pitch day event, Nest invested at an early stage in order to help develop the prototype and take it to market.


Games that support a child's natural learning and development.



Founder Vernee Ho
Co-Founder Anne Bridgewater

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