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ShapeScale is creating the next generation of connected fitness technology.

ShapeScale is no ordinary weighing scale. The revolutionary fitness technology in ShapeScale has the ability to produce realistic 3D images of a human body so that users can easily monitor daily changes in their body shape and composition. As soon as someone steps on the scale, it builds a photo-realistic avatar within seconds on the mobile app. The avatar highlights specific changes in their body - such as where muscle has been gained or fat lost. The first product, due to market in 2017, is a fully connected weighing scale designed with features to motivate users and help them achieve their personal fitness goals.

The California-based company found great success with its first two crowdfunding campaigns; receiving strong interest from potential customers around the world.


A connected smart scale that scans in 3D to allow users to better follow changes in their body shape and composition.



CEO & Founder Alexander Wayenberg
COO & Co-Founder Martin Kessler

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