Digital Transformation in the GCC: The Pathway to Sustainable Diversification

Digital Transformation is the hottest buzzword lately, but what does it really mean?

For us, Digital Transformation is more than just using technology to solve the world’s biggest challenges but instead encompasses sustainable innovation.

What do we mean by sustainable innovation? Digitalisation is the new force driving sustainable economic growth. In the Middle East, digital transformation represents a clear opportunity for the region to enhance their competitive advantage in various sectors such as financial services, manufacturing, energy, and more.

While the Middle East is not commonly associated with a breeding ground for technology and innovation, market dynamics point to the growing opportunity the region presents.

Did you know that Bahrain & UAE are considered Hyper Connected Countries which has higher smartphone penetration(100%) than in the US(80%)? With a young, digital, and educated population coupled with strong Government support, the region is poised for growth and innovation.

In our report, we looked at the Gulf Cooperation Council’s (GCC) growth potential and tech’s impact on key GCC industry verticals as well as lessons learned from Southeast Asia and the ways in which the GCC can make transformation a reality.

Download our report on Digital Transformation in the GCC to gain insights into the Middle East.



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