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Prenetics is the leading genetic testing/digital health company in Southeast Asia.

Danny Yeung, CEO of Prenetics lives by the life motto "play hard, work harder.” Danny’s entrepreneurial story started at the age of 25 when he ventured into franchising Hong Kong's award-winning dessert chain Hui Lau Shan into the United States. He then founded uBuyiBuy in 2010 which was subsequently acquired by Groupon.

The next step in his entrepreneurial journey was engaging with AIA and Nest in 2015 for AIA Accelerator 1.0, focused on health tech. He believed that there was “so much possibility for disruption in medicine” that the programme was a great platform to further expand on and build his ideas. After the programme, Prenetics went on to raise another $10M in March of 2016 with Ping An Ventures. In the same year, they also launched iGene, a non-invasive buccal swab test with its results available on the Prenetics mobile application within 48 hours. Most recently, it was announced in April 2017 that they were launching ONEdna, an exclusive DNA screening test service in partnership with HSBC Insurance Hong Kong. With their continued growth after the programme, a strategic decision was made to expand into Southeast Asia where the company continues to empower millions of individuals with powerful genetic information.



Founder & CEO Danny Yeung



2009: Incorporated
2014: Raised $2.65M December
2016: Raised $10M in Series A March

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