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Daisy Chesang

Operations and Programmes Lead, Mettā, Nairobi

Daisy's role at Mettā is to initiate and coordinate different programmes while providing skills training for entrepreneurs. She is currently leading the way on one of Metta's successful programmes called Fashion Product Lab (F.P.L.).

Prior to joining Mettā, Daisy was a Digital Marketing Executive working on digital marketing strategies and research and analysis. She has acquired Google certificates for Google Analytics and Google online sales. She also developed branding, planning and organisation skills when she was working with Miss World Kenya for the programme launch in 2013. Daisy's previous experience in public relations management perfected her skills of public management with a focus on crisis management. Her studies were focused on marketing and public relations with extra skills in content creation and project management.

On a more personal level, Daisy love hiking as it keeps her sane. Her family is also her gem.

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