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Niamh Given


Niamh is Head of Programmes at Nest and is responsible for all corporate programmes across Nest Innovation and Metta. She has a deep background in tech startups as well as corporate experience at PCH.

She joins Nest with over 12 years operations experience, focussing on strategic growth and development of new business units. With over 8 years experience working in product development in China and co-founder of her own online wine startup, she has worked extensively with both Fortune 500 companies and with startups helping them to bring their products to the global marketplace.

At PCH, Niamh led the team that enabled hardware startups to navigate the complexities of manufacturing product at scale, reducing time to market and minimising risk. Niamh was also a pivotal founding member of Highway1, a premier hardware accelerator based in San Francisco that has brought over 60 hardware startups through a 4 month accelerator program and raised over $80M in funding.

Niamh is passionate about travel, sports, food and of course, startups!

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