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1Group is a technology platform designed to help real estate agents close deals more efficiently.

In India alone, there are over 3 million urbanised agents who are involved in 98% of all property transactions. At present, the majority of these agents use traditional inefficient communication channels such as WhatsApp as their main market place. 1Group's proprietary ‘move sync' technology solves this problem. The solution allows agents to instantly transfer their contacts and information onto the platform and gain access to additional listings and customers, leading to additional sales.

Since the official launch of their platform in October 2015, 1Group has combined over 235,000 WhatsApp real estate groups in India via its application. The company employed a total of 125+ employees across 6 offices (Pune, Bangalore, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mumbai and Delhi).

In Q2 2017, 1Group's parent company ii5 shifted its focus to business strategy planning services to blockchain clients globally. Nest exited in June 2017.


1Group (ii5) technology automatically combines property messages from all broker groups.



CEO & Founder Brendan Blumer
President & Co-Founder Kokuei Yuan

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