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Ongair is helping businesses engage customers on any channel, any time.

Ongair offers its business clients a comprehensive CRM system that allows them to engage with their customers through their preferred social media channels whether that be Facebook Messenger, WeChat, or Twitter - centralising and partly automating the customer relationship activity that might happen across the variety of channels we interact with companies on.

Ongair's platform, which can be integrated with traditional CRMs, enables companies to sell, offer sales support and retain their clients via a range of messaging and social media applications. In addition, Ongair's platform utilises a progressive AI that helps reduce costs by learning from the interactions of human customer service agents.

The team, led by CEO Trevor Kimenye, has build up an impressive international client base consisting of SMEs and large corporates. Ongair is currently headquartered in Nairobi.


A CRM platform centralising customer engagement across different social media and messaging channels.



CEO & Founder Trevor Kimenye

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