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Angelo Umali, founder of Simple Wearables approached Nest in 2013 with a personal mission. His elderly grandmother had a history of falling down and there was no solution in the market that could automatically alert his family in case she fell with essential information such as the strength, impact and location of the fall. With a prototype of his first product, the Simple Wave, and a reputable hospital group signed on as a trial partner, Nest participated in Angelo's first round of fundraising.

Simple Wearables has grown from a product company to become an evolving wearable platform. Focusing on a B2B approach, Nest has introduced Simple Wearables to manufacturers, investors, insurance companies, hospital groups, care homes and advisors across Hong Kong, Thailand and the Philippines to explore partnerships and collaborative opportunities. We've spent many hours talking strategy, brand, positioning, and even volunteering our own grandmas as trial users for the Simple Wave while watching Simple Wearables grow and expand.


Simple Wearables also took part in AIA 1.0 Accelerator Powered by Nest to explore synergy with insurance players.


Simple Wearables creates wearable devices to provide peace of mind to the ageing population and their loved ones.


The world's first predictive fall detector for the elderly.



CEO & Founder Angelo Umali

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