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Sarah Alsatrawi

Ecosystem Manager, Bahrain

Sarah’s experience revolves around social impact, youth development and connecting people in the Middle East & Africa.

Prior to joining Nest Sarah worked in youth leadership as regional operations manager in Middle East and Africa, specialised in large scale training and development for youth generally and NGO startups specifically, in multiple aspects of their development journey, with partners like African Development Bank in alignment with the UN SDGs.

Her work in the Bahraini ecosystem started in 2016 with a local Bahraini startup, as the marketing director in Majra, a platform that helps millennials find purposeful careers to match their passion.  She joined Nest as Bahrain’s first team member in 2017, currently managing the regional ecosystem community, as well as Nest’s corporate innovation accelerator programmes. Sarah is a critical thinker, passionate about finding ways to make everyday human experience better, curious about politics. Strong believer in the Middle East.

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