Scaling Your Business With Millennials

Are companies and firms showing signs of flexibility to attract Millennial employees?

Was one of the key questions raised at our recent “How to retain millennials” roundtable. One of the topics debated was the importance of self expression within the culture of an organization. Some of those present expressed concerns about self expression being sensitive and that companies should consider setting boundaries and guidelines. This however, is challenging for both the company and its employees. How do we encourage self expression amongst employees, but ensure the company is well represented and reflected?

“The Next Generation” along with Millennials have grown up in environments where expressing themselves is the norm, and where boundaries have, at times, been blurry. Who is balancing the employees and setting the guidelines? At times these individuals may not know that they are stepping into other people’s spaces. The table discussed the importance of managing behaviour and expectations and ensuring that someone is responsible in the company to help them acknowledge this.

As the discussion evolved, attention moved towards; How do we retain millennials and create a culture for them to feel comfortable? Traditional industries, such as banking, have drastically lost millennials because of culture, the table discussed what Millennials want in the workplace; flexible working hours, a company who cares, diversity & inclusion. What seemed to be a concern was the pace at which companies are evolving, which doesn’t meet Millennial expectations. They are used to instant information & changes, and it’s proving difficult for this generation to understand and accept.

Another key point was what is the most effective communication tool to use within the organization. While Millennial's are continuously using technology, traditional methods, such as, email are no longer proving to be the most effective way to communicate and get the message across.

The conclusion of the roundtable was that Millennials are the water of the vase - everyone is changing (not just millennials). The fact that companies are adapting their organisations to ensure they are able to retain Millennials, proves how important they can be.

Millennial managers are getting superior results.



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